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  1. I have a question. I do not know if your writings are copyrighted or not but I have been feeling uneasy and wanting to copyright a few of my own if possible. You mentioned that you had a book of poetry. I was wondering if there is a cheap and easy method of copyrighting. Thank you.

      • I have heard that once your computer has a completed copy of a transcript, that record is as good as a copyright. You just have to remember not to destroy your old computer when it’s out-dated.

      • What I’ve heard is everything is copyrighted to you by default, but you can’t win a court case without a legitimate copyright.

  2. Thanks for following. Not sure what you read — maybe “Poof!” Working more in short stories than poems. I always appreciate critique as well. I’ll follow and be back.

  3. I just posted your link on my site. Glad to get a little more connected with poetry bloggers. Big ups!

    • I personally like your flash fiction more. I think you’ve got a voice for characters and plot more so than for what poetry asks you to do. Your poem just read like a dialogue.

  4. Hi there,
    I nominated you for a blog award BUT I afterwards I noticed that you already have the same award. Well, maybe you can pretend it’s an annual award or something. LOL! You can check out the info on my site at your leisure. :)

  5. I am longing to reblog “Redhead (to Denver) to my wordpress blog Heartafire, I originally found it on my facebook timeline, all credit to you and linking back to Flashlight city , I would like your permission to display this poem on my blog…may I?

  6. Hello, Brice,

    I want to say thanks for following me at http://www.oldspouse.wordpress.com.

    I have to throw in here that if you enjoy my “This Old Spouse” column, I think you’re gonna love this:


    It’s a terrifying story called The Oklo Device.

    At the bottom of the smashwords page you’ll see a link labeled “View” and other download options for mobile readers under reading formats. Take a look at the story; see if you get hooked. If you like the story, please share with others. This is the only way good things happen today–agents and publishers are of the dinosaur era. They’re slow; they’re frightened; and they’ll eat you if you’re not careful. We’re on our own. I truly believe in this book. If you do, too, share it with someone. Thank you!

    And thank you so much, again, for being one of the faithful.

    Best regards,

    Roger White

    “This Old Spouse”

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