on good days
abby and i go to the burger king
down the street from my parent’s house
and order french fries
we park in the wal-mart parking lot
and as we roll down our electric windows
the fat seagulls approach the car
waddling over
and we throw french fries to them
we do this on good days
it’s one of my favorite things to do

of course,
the birds always fight over the french fries
there’s always the fattest and most aggressive one
and there’s always one that abby points at and says
“aw, he hasn’t gotten one…”
and abby, my huge-hearted sister
will do whatever she has to do to make sure
that bird gets a fry

we always turn the music off while we do this
at the burger king at wads and quincy
down the street from our childhoods
it makes me miss my youth spent on a bike
it makes me miss abby
she’s so busy and i’m so busy
i’m so proud of her
she gets up everyday and goes to school then to work
she gets up early to dress nice and do her hair
while i sit in my car writing poems about birds



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