and then they took everything
as lonely people froze in the street
their tongues stuck to heroin needles
the took the clothes of their backs
models doing research
in gaudy gilded golden hotel rooms
with minibars and views
of shitty cities and little mirrors
to put the blow on

try the cocaine
it’s breathtaking

dark hungry alleyways
illuminated well-fed runways

and then they took everything
i double-dog dare the models
to tell the homeless
that they’re dying
for a cheeseburger
milan couldn’t replicate
the black in the eyes of a woman
stranded in the street

rob the homeless
take everything you can
and penetrate price tags
into their tattered garments

a blanket
a shawl

cardboard homes
set pieces

tip the homeless
fashion sense decades ahead of their time
a certain natural sense of
a certain natural sense of
a certain natural sense of

heroin chic:
it’s all the rage

heroin chic
my drug of choice

a sense of ethics
stick it to the man
in a million dollar
thrift store
andy warhol all over again
(“think rich, look poor”)
take what we already know
and cram it down our throats

somewhere someone is dying in the gutters of america
wearing the same thing as you


Author: brice maiurro

Denver poet. Author of Stupid Flowers, out now through Punch Drunk Press.

5 thoughts on “HEROIN CHIC”

    1. Thank you! There is nothing better than when someone tells you you’re writing is sexy. Made my night. I’ll look into Veronica.

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