21 thoughts on “TO VEGETARIANS”

  1. The great American poet Edward Field wrote a poem in the sixties (regrettably both poem title and book title are now forgotten) about how Soviet scientists of the Kharkov Institute recorded a lettuce crying out when it was cut into. It was both a parody and a lamentation.

  2. I remember a short story by the inimitable Roald Dahl in which someone creates a machime which can here vegetables scream. I can never scrape a carrot without thinking of it.
    Oh, and thanks for the visit and the follow.
    I will be back to read more when I have a moment to spare.

  3. I’d hate to contribute to their suffering. I’m happy to spare the brussels sprouts. And the asparagus. (Broccoli gets my husband back, and makes those around him pay, so I don’t feel so bad for it :))

  4. I wish I had thought of a retort as funny every time a vegetarian told me something about eating meat.

  5. I approve. My personal cure for vegetarianism is, ‘For every animal you don’t eat, I’ll eat three.”

    And thank you for subscribing to my blog!

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