i like having my arms tug-o-warred between nazi germany and hippie utopia
i like playing pin the tail on the next president of the united states of america
every day colorado is a different shade, a different mood a different temperature so i must mimic her dance steps in the dark
i like considering the entire menu because the moment i order the same i always do – i feel vindicated and why is the waitress staring at me?
from henceforth when people ask me my political views i will answer “yes”
from henceforth when people ask me my religious views i will tell them i subscribe to the church of Allah, Buddha, Jesus, Ganesh, Thor, Zeus and the flying spaghetti monster sitting on a cloud having a religious debate
i want to be a child again – when my favorite ninja turtle was ‘all of them’ – and that was okay
i will stop ending my sentences with periods and begin to end them with question marks?
because i know, and everyone can agree on the fact that, i don’t know everything and you don’t know everything and the guys on t.v. with podiums for legs don’t know everything but collectively we can get a lot closer
screw their very important person tea party – we are all the united nations
we are truthseekers and truthspeakers and truth is the mental atomic bomb i hold most dearly
the freedom of truth, the beauty of truth, the love of truth, and god, do i love her
truth is my lady, she’s never wrong but she’s a good listener, but she loves to argue, but we never go to bed angry
and neither should the rest of us, unless we need to
we need to document the world we want
we need to break down our neighbor’s door with a giant cup of sugar
let us be open doors and patient ears – not wind-up chattering teeth talking to ear plugs

i like having my arms tug-o-warred between nazi germany and hippie utopia
and i like earth better than heaven, because there’s more books to be read and written on the subject
we are still rebuilding the tower of babel and they will never let us finish



Author: brice maiurro

Denver poet. Author of Stupid Flowers, out now through Punch Drunk Press.

13 thoughts on “SOCRATES BEAT”

  1. This is powerful. Glad you followed my blog so I could read your work – I said as I read this poem, “this guy is the real deal, and he’s got something to say.” Nice work.

  2. I don’t think I can accurately describe how I feel after reading that poem. It was terrific– witty, challenging, deep, different. 🙂

  3. Awesome, loved it! Especially loved the line: “not wind-up chattering teeth talking to ear plugs”, and of course, “i like having my arms tug-o-warred between nazi germany and hippie utopia”. Great stuff!

  4. Wow, you have an amazing mind …and this touched base with those of us who look at the world with frustrations and yet you give us solutions!

    Great work once again!

  5. Don’t look now, but we put that tower up a long time ago. It just isn’t Heaven up there. Maybe it’s time to wake up & smell the corpses! The Nazis won WW II just like Phillip Dick tried to tell everybody… but most of his audience didn’t catch on because they were too busy singing ‘American Flag Uber Alles.’ Hippie utopia went sour when too many hippies settled for speed and tie-dye. Good night, maybe more later!

      1. An uneven writer. _The Man In the High Castle_ was the book I was thinking of… He said he wrote it in collaboration with the I Ching.

  6. Tween Nazi Germany and Hippie Utopia I like to stay on the alert for love peace and freedom ~ and defend ’em with my life. Vote on it. Nice poem!

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