I’ve seen these floating around the interwebs lately. I still haven’t decided if I’m a fan or not of “book spine poems,” but I admire the spirit behind them and I thought I’d give one a chance:



to the monkey
house, in a lonely
street; the
beat scene – a
in the attic.

to the city of
white donkeys.

new york city



Author: brice maiurro

Denver poet. Author of Stupid Flowers, out now through Punch Drunk Press.

17 thoughts on “MY BOOK SPINE POEM”

  1. That is pretty cool actually! Maybe I should try something like that! I would have to pick random titles from my Fire, though…I only have a hundred and fifty or so to choose from! : ) I just wouldn’t be able to take a pic.

      1. I used to! I had a bunch, but the husband was having a major fit because they “were taking up too much space”! So, I donated most of them to the library or gave them away to other people. The thing I love most about Kindle, is that some of the best books that I have read are less than $3.00 and they don’t take up actual space! So, is a pic necessary?! I have read 5-6 books in the last two weeks and have already had tons of stuff goin through my head!

  2. Well done. Interesting idea; using exercises such as this should be good for as all. I tend to sit around waiting for lightening to strike before beginning to write. I will try it.

      1. Thanks. It was handy to have double copies of a few. The number of books used, of course, had to be 42. 😉

  3. Such a great idea! I’m thinking of doing this, but my problem is having too few English books, because I’m from Denmark. Maybe I’ll just translate them or something!

    How did you pick yours, for the poem?

    1. I just started looking. Saw the book “Why I Write” and then I was like I can work with this. I tried to find books with titles that spoke to the tone of my writing, kind of masculine film noir kind of thing. It was pretty fun! I personally think you should translate them into English. That would be neat.

      1. It is actually, very masculine and film noir. I don’t know if I’m supposed to think this, but when I read it, I kind of feel like standing in a cold street at night, waiting to get home, and feeling really restless. It’s funny and awesome how poetry can make you feel all sorts of things!

        I did my own trying at it, one with English books and one I translated, but I’m finding I’ll have to search the whole house now, I only went through one room, and I didn’t find too many good titles. Will keep searching, though, it’s a great “assignment”!

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