new york, i want you so badly
i’ve never wanted anyone this bad
you’re dancing around in my dreams at night
you’re running your ghost hands up and down my spine
when i close my eyes i see you
i taste the smoke of brooklyn on my tongue
your legs hanging out of your t-shirt
as we lay on your bed in my mind
you traipse about the high rise apartment
like a cat that stalks the room
you’re everything i’ve ever wanted
your words are all surreal
mostly because i can’t believe you said them
when we made love
it would be as raw as lenny bruce
we would burn like buildings
it would taste like late night coffee and cigarettes
we’d sing like it was raining
and we were drunk and high
on life and laughing on park benches
and loving each other
and we dance on the rooftops
above us the stars in the ceiling
below us the stars in the floor
i would have you right then and there
hundreds of feet above the concrete
god, i have to have you
i have to run your hair through my fingers
i have to grow old as you grow older
i have to die in the arms of the city that was meant to have me
i have to die with you




Author: brice maiurro

Denver poet. Author of Stupid Flowers, out now through Punch Drunk Press.

12 thoughts on “NEW YORK, I WANT YOU SO BADLY”

  1. I really like this one Brice. It reminds me of Ginsberg (but with short lines).



  2. OMG, this poem has such a similar feel to me to the poem I wrote about California a while back. ….. the scenes, the imagery,…. so overwhelming, … evocative… Wonderful.

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