1. Ah, but dear sir, it is that very act of writing what I wish to say which often causes me so much trouble. So says my dear wife. Possibly, you may know the story of the Mark Twain letters; regarding the ones he wrote, vs. the ones he actually sent? (and later had published, posthumously, I believe–although, in this, I am relying on grey matter, rather than Google, so I may well be wrong on that score) Because of this story, and its resultant collection of matching letters, my sweetheart and I now refer to letters, such as the ones I sometimes write, as “Mark Twain letters” (as opposed to “poison pen” or other such terms) The trouble with all this is… I usually send the Mark Twain letters anyway. I just “pull the rug out and watch ’em tumble,” as the old saying goes.

    Still, regardless of whether I am now speaking my mind, or not, as the case may be, it is nice to know that hipsters were once nerds–or Martians–I am unable to discern that for sure from your drawing. I am certainly no expert at any rate; I’m too old to be properly considered for either category, however “nerd” comes closest to my background in the sciences. And… well… If I were a Martian, it would probably be best if I should keep it “under my hat,” if you will.

    Also, regarding my sonnets, I _always_ write what I mean. It hasn’t gotten me into trouble yet; but I believe people stay away from the more controversial or contentious ones–as they might be called. And also, I don’t have very many followers, so I quite believe I’ll be too “small fry” to be noticed for quite some time to come.

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