what happened to you?
you used to be the one we could listen to
none of the crap
all of the things that really mattered

when did you trade in your grungy working class shirt
for this slutty dress?

when did you become defiant
to your own name?

are you unaware?
do you not see the direct effect
of your actions?

did you grow up
the younger, new and improved yuppie
do you not remember why
you stuck your flag in the moon
to begin with?

the funny thing is
now you’re just a snowy screen
hypnotic imagery
a magazine
that has been overrun
with too many ads

you are moving each day
further and further away from nirvana

your perception of reality
is enough to drive me insane
when did you replace your own graffiti
with face wash ads

when did you bleach your asshole?

when did you pawn your combat boots
for a slot in times square?


you are a lie
i can’t pretend anymore
welcome to the real world

i don’t want to date your mom
i don’t want to watch
as you twist the bottle open
for the eyes
on both sides of the glass screen

i don’t want anything to do with you
this is my total request

i’m not pleading for you to come back
you’re far too deeply and darkly addicted to yourself
and you think you look so great in rehab

i’m not pleading for you to come back
i just hate that you decided
to let us all watch you die



Author: brice maiurro

Denver poet. Author of Stupid Flowers, out now through Punch Drunk Press.

17 thoughts on “MTV”

  1. This is an indictment against my entire generation. In the 60’s we wanted to change the world. Then came a job, a spouse, a child, bills, responsibilities. I think we still care but all of us are disempowered by our politicians and their umbilical connection to megacorps and megabanks. We stuck our flag in the moon as you say. Some became yuppified but most retained those blue collar values. We are too old now and who will next carry our flag and dreams ?

    1. As I recall many boomers attacked their parents materialism and then went on to become ruthlessly materialistic themselves. They did drugs to expand their consciousness then launched the war on drugs. They have grown government entitlements like no generation before, and will retire like a swarm of parasites on the generations that follow. They wanted to change the world because that is a lot easier than changing themselves. I assure you they succeeded in changing the world. The West is less free than it was during those “oppressive” Victorian times and taxation exceeds the rates feudal lords charged the serfs. In many history books serfs were considered one step above slaves what does that make us? Utopian dreams always end in despair, Carl.

    2. I’m only twenty-four, but what I know of the world, it seems to be a recurring theme. I find hope in the fact that each generation learns from the mistakes of the one that came before it.

      1. Or honors the accomplishments of those who sacrificed so this generation could have all that they do. And appreciate the ones that dared to take the steps that changed the world.

  2. I really hate the fact that really talented singers modify drastically just to be successful. Not to mention the guys who sing mainly about sex and drugs etc, or the women that dress up like sluts and “literally beg to be fucked”. This brings bad influence to the young generation. I am 17, I admit that I am horny since that’s puberty as you all know… BUT some of those singer, actually-their producers, take advantage of that so they produce songs like those, while meaningful songs are underrated.
    What happened to songs like “I don’t wanna miss a thing” for example? It’s not really famous not only because it is “old” (like some of my friends would reply) but also because it doesn’t sound perverted, it doesn’t include “sex” or “fuck” in its lyrics… It’s really, really pity that it happens like that. Even Christina Aguilera (whom i adore! <3) started doing slutty songs and started dressing up like a slut…

    1. First off, thanks for commenting. I agree. I’m glad Christina Aguilera moved on from that. Being as sexy as you can is not always sexual liberation, and I think that a lot of times its people just going along with the whole “sex sells” thing.

      1. You’re welcome 🙂
        For me to be sexy has nothing to do with what’s shown on TV, every single gesture is important even if you are dressed like you’re going to the Antarctic

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