Author: brice maiurro

Denver poet. Author of Stupid Flowers, out now through Punch Drunk Press.

13 thoughts on “REST”

  1. It has such dimension. Alot of people can identify with this poem on a personal level. How many of us know that deep within ourselves, we are living MTV’s?

    1. I agree. I started writing this poem with just MTV in mind, until I saw a lot of Kurt Cobain in it, then soon after realized that I think this is a struggle we all deal with.

    1. Did you see Midnight in Paris? That film talked a lot about what I think you’re getting at, but it kind of spoke on the “those were the days” kind of attitude. The way some people think there was this perfect time to refer back to.

      Thank you for the nomination, also! Makes my day!

  2. I haven’t seen it Brice…but now I will. In my opinion there is no perfect time to refer back to, I believe in making THIS time the perfect time. I prefer to live in the moment, not the past.

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