Rant Unicycle

#1: TIPS FOR WRITING BETTER GOD DAMN POETRY PART 1: I’m not a big fan of how to guides, especially how to guides on writing, but I really enjoyed writing this. I decided to shoot from the hip. Say what I truly feel. Focus less on the structure of poetry and more on the what keeps me going.

#2: THE OBNOXIOUS SOUND OF MUSIC UPSTAIRS: Most of my pieces I write and five minutes later, I post them to my blog. The fact that this is something I wrote a couple years ago and still held up on my blog made me extremely happy. I don’t write short stories or prose very often, but I was happy to find myself writing this piece, that not only helped me rationalize alot of things from my past, but also better understand love.

#3: MTV: When I sat down to write this, I thought it was gonna be shit. I thought it was gonna be pure angst and cheesy and trying too hard to be trendy, but in the end, I don’t feel that it’s any of those things. I didn’t realize until the comments started coming in that this piece wasn’t just about MTV. It was about the things we lose along the way, sometimes include our whole selves.

#4: AN AMERICAN PORTRAIT: A personal favorite. My trip to California really inspired this one in me. I wanted to speak of this iconic idea of America that we’ve created in our memories and our history, and maybe point us to the fact that it’s time to redefine what it means to be an American.

#5: I AM AN APARTMENT BUILDING: One of those ones where you know the title, and the rest just kind of comes from there. I feel like this piece really helped me to rationalize a lot of aspects of who I am in so many ways. My roommate and I talk about how I don’t really edit, but what I seem to do is rewrite the same poems in different ways until I get what I’m after. This one seems to be a later, but I don’t think necessarily better version of SOMETIMES I FEEL LIKE THERE’S A COWBOY ARGUING WITH A BUDDHIST MONK.


More than anything, what I’d like to say is thank you. Thank you to anyone and everyone who stops by and reads my blog. Poetry is not something that is easily made a career. No one gets into poetry for the money. What I’m in it from is to share something I felt with the growing circle of people around me. I want to inspire people to be better. I want to challenge people to rethink who they are. I want to make a personal connection with someone on the other side of the world as me, and I have been lucky enough to get to connect to so many fantastic people, all with incredible stories and nothing but kindness to give back to me. You’re not a poet until someone reads your poem. I believe that too. Often times, I’ll read poems to my family and friends, and whenever I hit that publish button on wordpress, the same rush of satisfaction and honesty hits me.

Let’s make 2013 the best year there ever was. The world didn’t end, so we still have a responsibility to make our resolutions as courageous as we can, and our words equally as brave.

Love, Brice

p.s. let me know what your favorite pieces were. 🙂

Author: brice maiurro

Denver poet. Author of Stupid Flowers, out now through Punch Drunk Press.


  1. The first I liked was ‘Why I Write Poetry’. It was even better when I could hear the author read it. Inflections written don’t always come through.
    Then ‘Where Have You Gone To America’ having asked my self the same question, America, my youth, it’s a good question to ask. This poem it was in the details.
    ‘California Stop Swallowing My Friends’, I could personally relate. I also have lived there, I understand the lure. My friends moved there, I wished them well. They moved back. You can imagine the joy. Yes, the joy.
    ‘Fear’ was another poem on my list of top fives.
    Last but not least is the one you yanked, ‘Shock Top’. Relationships, even the best, or seem to be best have those moments. Being so close you know the buttons to push, the punches to throw that hurt the most. In anger and pain we lash out, sometimes for no good reason. It’s a flaw of being human. Nicely done, sir, nicely done.

    I am not sure why I have enjoyed discovery of your poetry. I don’t always like it. I don’t always understand it. I know it isn’t written for me, and you are writing to write. The subject matter covers a vast array of topics and emotions, and those that I don’t get, are gotten by others whose experiences differ from mine, so I just read them anyway. Later they may mean more.

    Happy New Year.
    – from not a big poetry reader.

    1. I do write them for you! Especially people like you who keep coming back for more. Thanks for following, I love seeing that monster beanie popping up in my notifications. Thanks for sharing your favorites and being amongst my favorite kind of readers; those who don’t love poetry, but still read mine! Happy New Years!

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