the absinthe drinker. viktor oliva.
the absinthe drinker. viktor oliva.

some days
i just
the stairs
and i
keep fall
ing through
and mirrors
i travel through
and past
the golden gates
to the other side

of reality
where she waits
for me
my green fairy

she dance for me
my green fairy
crazy ballet of fire
on her glass stage of desire
she dance for me

her wings in proud display
naked and raw and hard on the throat
she walks across
the good and the evil
of my spectral shoulders
and this she says to me:

“calm your head
your days will collide
if you do not.

close your eyes

feel me running up and down
your spine
this waltz
in waltz three quarter time

taste my heat upon your lips
feel me burning on your breath
sugar cubes and billowed smoke
white lighters and youthful death

open your heart
let me in
the ceremony
is about to begin.”

and i listen to her
my green fairy
my blue delusion
my red midnight
my black confusion

she dance for me
in sacred gardens of the mind
waltzing in three quarter time
she moves the moon along the sky
visions of toxic absinthe why
channels of unrequited love
dirty water, holy dove
she dance for me
she lie with me
and every night
she die for me



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Author: brice maiurro

Denver poet. Author of Stupid Flowers, out now through Punch Drunk Press.

18 thoughts on “MY GREEN FAIRY”

  1. Incredible images! I really like you incorporation of colors and dance. When you wrote about the movement up and down the spine, of course, I thought of kundalini energy. I could go on- I just thought you took us on a great journey with this one.

      1. It is an awesome word. Sanskrit for the coiled energy at the base of the spine- it arises with awakening. Funny that your poem alluded so much to this energy without your familiarity to the term.

  2. Brice….really? This is gorgeous and I’m sooooo tempted to reblog, but I can not, for fear of looking like a creeper. I’d reblog all of your poetry. It has such a dark achiness to it that I’m completely soaked in.

  3. Hi there Brice,

    Beautiful poem, subtle and enchanting like the hot vapours arising from a cup of twie…
    Just a short question: are your grammar inconsistencies (she die, lie, dance etc) intentional?

      1. Hi Brice,
        I have thought so, thank you for your kindness😇
        I myself been using sometimes these techniques in order to emphasise thoughts above others, or as in your case here the general “dizziness” of the green muse, but I do not know if in this particular case it does the desired effect, or exactly as you said, it rather distracts. I tried reading it the “grammar” way, and it doesn’t substract anything from the original quality. But again, the poem is your, and your muse’s lovechild, so you’ll sort out the baby’s clothes💫
        Take care✌

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