someone’s in the kitchen playing the guitar
lovers in the bedroom reading dead playwrights
someone’s in the shower marinating musicals
someone’s in the basement carving up god’s face
angels in the mirror slipping into dresses
someone’s in the garden impregnating the soil
someone’s in the laundry room painting up a portrait
demons in the cellar pending on funeral flowers
someone’s in the billiards room punching holes in walls
someone’s in the closet interviewing skeletons
someone’s in the fitness room chiseling skin
pergatorians in the elevator shaft making urgent love
someone’s in the dance hall staring into eyes
someone’s in the sitting room spitting stand-up
someone’s in the coat room closing their curtain eyes
someone’s in the skull commanding the hands
this is the house of what is, not what is not
this is the house of god.



Author: brice maiurro

Denver poet. Author of Stupid Flowers, out now through Punch Drunk Press.

10 thoughts on “THE HOUSE OF GOD”

  1. ‘someone’s in the kitchen playing the guitars’
    i really think this is difficult to swallow as an artistic license. UNLESS, you just meant to type ‘playing the guitar.’ It just strikes a very dissonant chord, uncomfortable.
    good poem otherwise.

    1. guitars-dissonant chord – good punnery. Making guitar as guitars may indicate playing all the angles and manipulations(both plural too) which fits into the theme of what is not.

      1. vast themes don’t inherently necessitate poeticism. I like the idea of ‘guitars’ inferring all the potential contained in a guitar but you’d need a whole new kinda poem for that sorta thing. Fun thinking though!

  2. Nice! I really like the sound echoes, and the mix of familiar imagery and unconventional outcomes of individual lines: impregnating the soil, interviewing skeletons, angels getting dressed, etc… The little surprises makes it an intriguing read.

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