02.01 jpeg

(moving day)

I have gutted the inside of my heart
Thrown out the dusty shit memories
And wrapped the fragile ones
In old newspaper
I separated heartache into a trash pile
And a donation pile
And I threw some guilt into the fireplace
To keep the place warm
Since the heat had been turned off

I packed up hope
And when there was room at the top of the box
I tossed in some doubt
To use the box to its full advantage
And I labeled the box
“Brice. Assorted nonsense.”

When we backed the truck in
Unlocked and lifted the door
The first thing we packed
Was my past
We spent a good half hour
Figuring out where to place my conviction
I wrapped the top
Of my glass emotions
With some packing tape
So they wouldn’t spill on my temper
And catch fire

I nearly broke my back
Lifting my self-esteem up the stairs
But a couple friends lended their hands
And of course
I paid them in beer

My awkwardness wasn’t heavy
It was just awkward

My dresser drawers were empty
So we filled them with some loose creativity
I didn’t really have anywhere else to put it

The drive to the new place was quiet
Except for the occasional sound from the back
I was a little worried my soul might have broken
When I heard something scratching
And a loud crash

But we lifted the door to the moving van
And sure enough everything was fine
My ego was a bit bruised
But I don’t know if that even happened
During the move

The new place was smaller
I had to put a good friendship in storage for now
But god
Someday when I’m wealthier
I mean wealthier wealthier
Not you know
Wealthier wealthier
I can’t wait to take it out
Find a place for it
Between my laughter and honesty
Maybe hang it above a mantel
Frame it in trust

We emptied the truck
Swept it pretty well
And took it back
And sure enough
Empty clean carpet
Became the callouses of my feet
White white walls
Broke into ribs of my rib cage
Grey dust and brick
Lit up like embers of my heart
Burning off the boxes we used
To move me somewhere else


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Author: brice maiurro

Denver poet. I like spaghettios.

65 thoughts on “02.01”

  1. this is just amazingly good, I haven’t been able to connect to piece of writing like I did with this in quite a while =) thank you for this

  2. All moved away, but heart and mind remainedthe same, though bruised a little but not really hurt..again the ad has come to support, :get care and info for support at all stages” those who post ad on your post, does realize your potential to score, I find it amusing and sweet, how youkept fire burning still 😉

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