you’re off in japan
with the giant cartoons and constant workflow
lost in the hustle and bustle of lines and railways
clinking bells and chaos noise symphonic

you’re off in san francisco
in a slanted city dizzy from the bicycles
burning through the silly traffic
stuck beside the bay
in a tower in chinatown where you drink
mai tais and study the gentrification of
dust below

you’re off in south south america
dancing on the edge of cape horn
hand in hand with a lover
your mind partially above frozen water
but so much more of your epileptic majesty
buried beneath
your hands reach for the south pole
as mine just reach out for you

you are lost amongst the redwoods
mourning the coming death of your loved one
you sit naked beside giants and you paint
with your fingers on the canvas in your lap
the trees don’t end until they get to heaven
you share the trees with heaven

you, stranger, are stuck in the madness of bangkok
the banging of pots and pans
guns, girls and ganja
massive heart attack motorcycle smog lady boy
mad mad madness
in transit from the sanity in your head
homeless and happy and we were so close to something

you are off in the void
the space between nothing and everything
the space between death and faith
fistful of pills
skull cracked against the bathroom tile
your book is still in the back of my car
we never finished our poem

you are out in the ether of the cosmos
you are dancing on trains with strange strangers
and cursing the dice that don’t roll sevens
it’s half past nine and you’re half past eleven
it’s pointless to try to write you

you are off somewhere strange
but you are still adamantly here in my heart
in my chest
in arapahoe county, colorado



Author: brice maiurro

Denver poet. Author of Stupid Flowers, out now through Punch Drunk Press.


  1. Wow. I feel this with every piece you post, but I tend to hesitate about posting my comments because I’m afraid of sounding too much like a broken record, scratching over and repeating the same lines again and again. But … I’m going to do it, anyhow.

    I am in love with this poem. It’s a piece that’s very hard for me to comment upon, but I know I will carry bits of it with me — images and beautiful phrases — for a long time to come. Maybe even for always. Thank you so much for writing and posting this.

  2. You truly paint with such vivid colours Brice, your mind is full of such beauty. It is so exciting to see it head full force upon a page and spill its guts on impact like this.
    I too think my comments are redundant and becoming somewhat boring (possibly annoying) and I say ‘next time I won’t comment’ and then you write this stuff and I can’t help myself.
    Apologies in advance, but your stuff is that good that my usual casual indifference has to wait by the door.

    1. I feel redundant saying thank you all the time! I hope you guys do keep commenting. That’s the ultimate compliment I think. More so than just “liking” the piece.

  3. It’s difficult for me to put in words how I felt after reading this wonderful piece of poetry.
    It simply took my breath away, every word of it. It took ME away to all those beautiful places. While reading this touching poem, I was sent on a journey…

    Wow, I love it!!! You are an exceptional writer and I’m SO glad that I’ve been able to find your blog! Keep up the GREAT work! And THANK YOU for sharing!!!

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