my heart is a vintage typewriter
the keys stick like stubbornness latching onto old bad memories that helped so hard to define me
the ink has run dry like dreams of an ivy league school in far, far eastern states
but still i pound away at these keys like landlord knocks on a basement apartment door
like neighbors fucking through the wall when you’ve got to get up at i hate my life o clock
when you have to get up at where the hell is the sun o clock

my heart is a vintage typewriter
and the space bar has rusted
where now all the thoughts jam together like california traffic or heroin dreams
or the toxic symphony of the two combined

you, dear reader, dear lover
are a sheet of scrap paper
blowing around in a dust bowl at an old train station
where i pray the demonic forces of god blow you through my window
and into my reel
where i will dance upon you like a river on rocks
like a beautiful bright locust plague on the nations of your body
like a great sharknado manifesto
and the ink curdles the page and i crumple you in my brittle hand
and throw you into the waste bin
but the white dust of you remains speckled across the shoulders of my vintage typewriter
and still i pound
like an angry stomach that craves something but doesn’t know what
like a toddler tantrum on wooden floors
like a great kettle drum in red rocks amphitheater beneath the black sky and your eyes blown up and scattered across the everywhere and the anytime

my heart is a vintage typewriter
and this is my letter with just barely enough postage to get to you
in some spots the ink has worn off and in others it’s too heavy to read
if there is a mistake there is no back button
if there is a mistake then
please, pardon my honesty


Author: brice maiurro

Denver poet. Author of Stupid Flowers, out now through Punch Drunk Press.


      1. well we all make hip hop music but we also all do other things as well like I make art and love to skateboard like its a religion and my friend james (king leo) makes and produces his own beats and my friend dre (ether radikal) is getting into videography, so we all have different assets to come together as a collective in what we love doing, whether it be art, music, skateboarding we’re just having fun.

  1. I am reading this at what possibly could my old dog want now o’clock, knowing that in a few hours it will be she also wants outside o’clock which will be shortly before one of your o’clocks.
    I love the honest feeling that your imagery creates. Glad to be seeing your posts again.

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