JUNE 10TH, 2014

all i needed was four days off
in a row i guess
that, and the proceeding 25
years before it
moved my parents like chess pieces
to their new home
took the contents of my tea kettle skull
and poured it off the side of a cliff

a Kerouacian hallelujah chorus

a substantial amount of this pressure
i’m finding
was self-imposed
went to the doctor
bloodwork came back fine
urine sample came back fine
doctor told me to take a chill pill
and eat less
and move more
(in a nice doctory way though)

i’ve been listening
and so far i’ve been happy and exhausted

i’ve been feeling romantic
like drive all night to find my love
and she’s been driving all night
and our cars break down
in some diner in Baltimore
and we see each other and

i’ve been ingesting
a fair amount of alone time
(which means
listening to Radiohead
in my room
and the occasional coming-to-Jesus
talk in those showers
where you sit on the floor
and let the water hit your face
and time doesn’t exist)

time is the most mystical
chocolate chip cookie
ever baked

(don’t read too much
into that last sentence)

june 10th, 2014
got rained on
during my hike today
it was strange
i didn’t feel like i was
in the right place in time
until it started raining
but then it did

it was as if
i was in search for an
original experience
but i felt like one of the
good ole littleton natives
until it rained
watching the fanny pack families
run down the mountain
in their t-shirts
that will end up in thrift stores
“i was in colorado” shirts
“i like to travel” shirts
but they ran
and i kept walking
despite the thunder and lightning
and i said to myself
“this isn’t how i die,”
like Edward Bloom in Big Fish
and i was right
so call me crazy
but i pushed through the rain
and now i have this story
on the back of a receipt
in my back pocket



Author: brice maiurro

Denver poet. Author of Stupid Flowers, out now through Punch Drunk Press.

4 thoughts on “JUNE 10TH, 2014”

  1. Oh come on! You have to put the warning before the sentence. You’re asking way too much of us to read about mystical cookies and then not lose sleep over it! 😛

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