the bees are dying

the bees are dying
we are killing them
and i don’t know how to save them

the idea of extinction
is foreign to me
i can’t really
wrap my head around
how something can just
cease to exist

i mean
i understand things die
but an entire species
just gone

i just want bees
to always exist

they say
when the colonial ships
washed up on the shore
that the natives couldn’t see them
simply because they didn’t
understand the concept
of a ship

with bees it feels like
the opposite
i know they exist
and i understand what they are
little yellow and black creatures
flying through the air
collecting pollen
those are bees
i know that

i need to accept
that maybe you are a bee
and you could disappear from existence

i’ll wander the streets of denver
a crazy bearded prophet
telling cautionary tales of when you
landed on my flower
and the pollen i gave you
and how you disappeared
despite the fact i knew you
and understood what you were
but you’ll be gone
heels clacking down the hall of extinction
and no one will believe me

i just want bees
to always exist

i just need bees
to always exist


Author: brice maiurro

Denver poet. Author of Stupid Flowers, out now through Punch Drunk Press.

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