i am a country at war with myself
i am removing my legs with my arms
and my arms with my teeth
and reassembling myself to resemble
someone i know longer recognize

that’s the point of this
you douse yourself in kerosene
strike a match
and bam
incendiary symphony
that’s what i do
that’s what i have always done

you are a blur in drunken traffic
you are as fleeting as america
and as blissful
as it is advertised
to be
you are a great machine of love
and i feed nickel after nickel
into your slots
sipping on this free drink
in some shoddy casino
in nowhere, nevada

and we are alone together
well, we are on camera
so there is that

we go together
like war and violence
like those black and white dots
on television screens
constantly frantically in motion
just pushing aimless amongst the static
never still
but never touching
that is you and i
two atoms
forever in motion
of stopping
two atoms
of stopping
of stopping


Author: brice maiurro

Denver poet. Author of Stupid Flowers, out now through Punch Drunk Press.

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