and then i woke up
from what was a shitty sleep to begin with
to the sound of scratching at the door
the jiggling of a door handle
that i heard from my window

was it a burglar?
was it a bounty hunter with a gun
come to take my life in exchange for his reward?
was it a bear? come in search for scraps of food?
was it death himself reaping at my doorway
with sickle and skeletal finger taps?
an ex-lover gone mad?

i jump up and turn on my light
to see what is happening down below
my heart racing
and as i peer my hazy eyes down

i don’t see anything

just the stale night of a stale porch
stale fence stale bush stale car parked in the
stale driveway

i resign to my sleepless bed
and begin to count dust particles
like a patient of dementia
recounting lost memories

isn’t that just what it is sometimes?
we just so desperately want something to happen
anything to happen
for better or worse
and when nothing does
well it’s enough to break your heart


Author: brice maiurro

Denver poet. Author of Stupid Flowers, out now through Punch Drunk Press.

7 thoughts on “HEARTBREAKER”

  1. Interesting twist. Much like your story, I was expecting a different ending – – expecting something to happen. Nice delivery! Kudos ^_^

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