what i mean to say is
that there’s this something
that lurks in on ya
and just sticks around
and you know
does stuff

it mixes things up
kind of
it’s just
it’s hard to explain

you know when
you’re at the grocery store
in the middle of the night
and everyone looks like zombies
zombies in pajamas and burkas
and yoga pants buying cigarettes
or a carton of ice cream
or trying to stealthily purchase condoms
from the self-checkout

underneath the fish tank lights
you know
security guard at the door
someone is pondering the mystery
of the gatorade end cap
you feel it then
that loneliness that makes you feel not alone
it tugs at your heart strings
and if you’re me you hurry up and purchase your
something stupid
maybe incense and toilet paper
or a lean cuisine
but you buy it all
and you go to the liquor store
and you pick out some beer
and you go to the register guy
and you take turns pulling your
conversation pull-strings
my night is fine, and yours?
and no you don’t need a receipt
and you’re home
television off just sitting on the couch
thinking about stuff
and if you’re me you wish you would have
hugged everyone but at the time
you were convinced no one would talk to you
because of your resting bitchy face
which may actually not exist
but what i’m saying is
there is something there
something that can’t be written down
something kind of odd and beautiful
creepy slash off-putting
it’s like a b-movie
and no you’re not the star
you’re an extra
but that’s exciting
that’s really fucking cool
because you’ve never been an extra in a b-movie
and you look around
and all these people are extras in b-movies
but they’re secretly ninjas
and so the fuck are you
and that’s why your gut writhes in the daylight
in the moonlight the sunlight the black light
the grocery store fish bowl lights
your guts writhes
because you wish to be a ninja
but you can’t find your god damn nunchaku
and neither can all these other ninjas
pretending to be extras in a b-movie


Author: brice maiurro

Denver poet. Author of Stupid Flowers, out now through Punch Drunk Press.

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