some days we are snowstorms
freezing moments in place
turning our chronicles into icicles
we put our problems on ice
and we hibernate

that’s been me
cryogenically frozen for a lifetime
i’ve airstreamed through the spring of summer
and i’ve fallen into the bitter of winter
i’ve rinsed and repeated
i have mastered my radar by making it predictable
and all i’ve been left with
is the air pollution stuck in my skull

and then you came into my life like a flash flood

an adiabatic anomaly
you anticycloned my anvil cloud
until it came crashing down like acid rain
putting atmospheric pressure onto my hydrological heart

here i am now, lost in your iridescent fog
macrobursts and bomb cyclones
outflows of aurora borealis
you threw my soul into saint elmo’s fire
and cradled it like a cumulonimbus cloud

you have saturated me in your summer showers
spun me up in your solar energy
you have steamfogged my windows
and engulfed me in your ultra violet radiation

your love
is a veering wind
and i am a weather balloon
ballooning through your weather

wind chill is not a factor
when you factor in the insolation of your indian summer
warm advection travels my veins
radiating into sea level pressure
i will sleep safely among your red highs and your blue lows

i was scattered across the snowy screen
opening umbrellas inside my house
when you reminded me the power of my popcorn convection

when it rains now i step outside
the permafrost gone impermanent
i am here to report
a forecast of four thousand meteors
raining down like amazing grace
from the pendant echo of my throat
to the morning glory heart
of your orographic geography



Author: brice maiurro

Denver poet. Author of Stupid Flowers, out now through Punch Drunk Press.

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