here we are dear stranger
amongst the twilight
amongst the fetal gestation
we process the world
through rose-tinted glasses
we canvas our hearts
through manic soap opera words

here we are dear stranger
lost in the thick pudding of life
twisting addiction into commentary
hard love into performance poetry
this is the nature of the beast

and this big great beast
swallows us whole
minnows swimming through
peristalsis candid moment
honesty in the ice cubes
in the whiskey amen

amen amen amen
hallelujah your body
hallelujah your anthem
i swim through seas of predisposition
trying to get to the cause of caustic

pencil me in for an appointment
burn down bridges of negativity
i want to love so badly
that i am willing
to sacrifice sanity

and what is sanity
what is this casino air we breathe in
while we dwindle our wallets down the throat
of a beast with a bottomless pit

i am lost in chemical
found in sobriety
i channel the broken television
and sing songs of protest
against commerciality
against consumerality
against systems which disallow
the beautiful unheard to sing

sing, beautiful unheard
i am overspoken for
so white so male so american
i set my coat in puddles in hopes you can cross the road safely
as i lose myself into my ancestry of whiskey
as i bang the monday night doldrums
as i die alone in hopes that someone
lives a beautiful life together
with the rest of the beautiful world


Author: brice maiurro

Denver poet. Author of Stupid Flowers, out now through Punch Drunk Press.

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