i used to be quiet
but over time
i have fed myself noise
shoved grape after auditory grape
into my voice box until it became an
pulsating waves of grandiose aria
binaural beats twisting through skulls
and rippling across time like landscapes
i have become so loud
ears turned up to hear me speak
it is good to know that there is a
ten ton grizzly bear
hibernating in the caverns of us all
and its roar will wake the zombie masses
from their slumber
travelling across planes like american highways
like the root systems of aspens
spreading gospel in the dirt beneath the churches
it is good to be loud

but lately i’ve been missing
the feeling of being quiet
to sit alone lost in time
a grain of sand
beneath a rock
in the bottom of a river

some days i’m so busy feeding others
with the bread crumbs of epistrophe
with the afterbirth of inspiration
that i forget to feed myself
i’ve lost weight
i’ve become like snow on the sidewalk
in the sun

i’ve become stretched out
no longer a small fireplace fire
i have become a massive electric blanket
tenting in those who seek refuge from the cold

dear day
hear my shivering prayer
bring me sun outside of myself
run blood to the tips of my fingers
run electric my spinal seascape
lay me down to sleep
in a twin-sized bed in a room with no view
locked away from the prophet in the mirror
a flying insect
returned to its cocoon
hoping for a moment to be
a squishy little nothing
amen amen


Author: brice maiurro

Denver poet. Author of Stupid Flowers, out now through Punch Drunk Press.


  1. I totally understand where you are at. I miss the quiet as much as I used to have. Let’s both get back to that and HOPE that what we have fed, has been eaten. There comes a time when others must learn to go within, to listen to Source, and not depend on outside sources to assist them. Bless you! Take care of you. It is time. Love, Amy ❤

      1. You are most welcome, Brice. I get a “high” when I hear what I do, and to step away from that is not easy for me. I am putting into practice getting into that quiet more often. My spirit and body/mind really need it. (((HUGS))) take care of you!!! ❤

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