trump be shiny new hair piece
trump be build wall big wall keep em out keep em out
trump be so honest
trump be so dumb and so honest
trump be ego
trump be big business big interest big big big
trump be gold mirror on ceiling of trump casino
trump be spoiled little rich boy
trump be bankrupt of heart bankrupt of common sense
bankrupt of day to day life
trump be perfect everlasting gobstopper to come from
modern american machine
trump be gasoline fueled jet engine drone crashing into
total lack of know how on foreign policy
trump be me be strong we be stronger than them
we hit them we hurt them
trump be all humanity selfish
trump be dalai lama inverse
trump be whatever you want him to be
trump be kid in class offer you candy if he be elected
trump be patriotic
trump bring back old america
good america
trump be your great grandpa’s america
trump be your great grandpa get drunk talk
about colored folks
trump be ten feet in mouth
trump be giant handed tallest podium
trump be big fan of trump yay trump
hot wife hot daughter presciption american dream be trump
trump choke on own spit choke on thousand dollar bill
trump be pursed lips me angry me run things
trump be definition american success story
trump be trump real estate
trump be trump sports trump be entertainment
trump be dancing round pole for you for tips
trump buy your drink steal your wallet
trump no man trump more than man
trump american dream machine
trump victim of post-modern capitalist draino
trump be patrick bateman trump be mirror stare
trump be brash trump be thickhead trump be fuckhead
trump lip service trump have assistant for assistant
trump no man no no not trump
trump be what happen
when man fall into giant vat of america
someone flip bigot switch trump be coddled
trump be coddled to sleep by america
trump next american president
trump be america
trump be too close to home
trump pop the ball
trump run first
trump run second
trump steal third
trump slide home
trump home run
trump audience go crazy
trump national anthem
trump be america
trump be angel of death
trump thump gavel
trump swing sickle over america
trump next american president
trump this term next term all term
trump die alone
with america in his bed
trump sleep now
trump sleep now



Author: brice maiurro

Denver poet. Author of Stupid Flowers, out now through Punch Drunk Press.

5 thoughts on “TRUMP”

  1. This was great, are you talking about the same Trump I think…. Great poems glad you stumbled upon my crazy little blog and congratulations for being featured in the newspaper

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