bleeding vein sancho’s broken arrow snapped over knee
motel graveyard down and out adjacent residential battle zone
chased by the owner kicked to the curb
burning basilica piercing sky giant catholic shiv bookstore ashed cigarette seven eleven
zero to fifteen
homeless home / blanket : carpet / narrow skyline : roof top / thin wind : ceiling fan
longest wickedest livingest deadest zombie crawling claws in concrete
city park drug deal
city park tree wooden hand yearn city cash register
tattooed cowboy gutted bookstore jerry’s skipped record
fifty mile fifty thousand mile mile high freedom fighter revolution rebellion
jolt of neon motel dotted lines dodge traffic frogger cross road
fine line between tuberculosis sex fest and white plague apartment improper burial
stripclub strip mall run from wrist to shoulder blade
drunk driver closed door open coffin quilted with rose lady
hellhorse and buggy junkie trash coin machine push copper pennies into silver razorblade
manic depressive red bull and chloroform crack head shop eight ball corner pocket
death metal speed trap endless mass cheeky monk
twentieth century beer binge twenty first century hangover stuck forever in electric diner
shotgun wedding black tie blood-splattered bride in white
separate but equal sides of the aisle
enigmatic peg leg prostitute poets row sweet sugar dance
bardish squire shitty suicidal comedian poet guitar playing satire lounging
giant face mural man smile steamed white hair dead behind eyes
man woman child all hoodlum green eyed denizen tourist nobody live here
capitolist hill pig on leash mcgangbang wrapper in gutter punk guerrilla crochet music
cemetery in a cemetery adjacent immaculate conception
divine destruction rock opera
italian kiss of death cherry sex bomb dropped in porcelain toilet graffiti markered stall
jack’s market grab big bunny by neck shake like two liter bottle rocket
shoot like argonaut into gentrifical corruption rise and fall like joyce and joy
bukowski bluebird in heart want out but too tough
pour whiskey whores and bartenders
american brick river
beat degenerate jack daniels in the lion’s lair
a dream of four kingdoms replaced by a fifth of vodka
emilio’s pete’s charlie’s tom’s dick’s and hairy’s
mine mine mine
drowning fox in lost lake twist and shout writhe and die you could buy me a drink
cat call midnight writer’s block party poets row
voodoo donut tire screech scratch itch scar run in pantyhose barcade starbar
one up the arm doses in the noses back alley bonfire burn
broken beer bottle fender bender
bubble gum bleu cheese bruce banner amnesia wreck green grass
highway man chasing tangerine sunrise down abandoned highway robbery
pioneer get drunk break down in middle of america build home build business business boom
paint golden aurora across rectangle page snap canvas in half stitch together
pour kerosene on canvas light match let burn color red
wicked witch green smoke rise from ashes western phoenix vulture
rebuild rinse and repeat
great place to visit but nobody lives there
they just go there to die
in the cradled arms
of a widow street that aches with arthritis
but still carries its babies
safely into their bruised bassinets


Author: brice maiurro

Denver poet. Author of Stupid Flowers, out now through Punch Drunk Press.

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