so i was walking around the store, just out grabbing a few things for the house and i just happened to wander into the electronics department and there she was. i’d always heard you can get some good deals on t.v.’s after the super bowl but i never thought it would be this good. i won’t tell you how much i paid but i’ll tell you this – a 60 incher like this usually goes for a couple k. i asked the guy at the store about it. todd, i think his name was. todd. yeah, anyways. super nice kid. said it was 1080p and that i was lucky i came in when i did because it was the last one. this is actually the store model, but todd said he’d take it down for me. look at that picture, am i right? makes you feel like you’re at the game. the kids love it. with their video games and stuff, the graphics are just great. also, we put the old t.v. down in the basement so they’re pretty thrilled about that. plus barbara spent so much money on this nice entertainment center, i felt like we deserved a good t.v. to go along with it. anyways, yeah, so i went to ring up with todd and he got me this hdmi cable that’s supposed to up the picture quality like 10% or something. i wasn’t sold at first but he said it was definitely worth it, especially with how quickly technology changes. hard to keep up, i guess. i got the two year warranty. thirty bucks, but you can’t be too safe. what’s an extra 30 bucks for peace of mind, i say. but yeah, took her home, super easy set up. it’s just nice, ya know? god, i’m lonely.


Author: brice maiurro

Denver poet. Author of Stupid Flowers, out now through Punch Drunk Press.


    1. It’s definitely a weird piece. I like the idea of trying to grab moments like this that seem very unimportant and find the subtext to them. This was definitely a test.

  1. I feel like this is an excerpt from a really decent novel, a piece in character development. I like the realness, the tangible nature of its conversation, yet how vacuous and empty it all is. There’s this deserving quality when we purchase something big, something that says inside that with everything that has happened THIS is what’s best for me right now. You need it big boy. Then after we get it the rush is gone, the purchase is made and we are still sitting by ourselves on a spotty couch watching reruns, wearing no pants and talking to the cat about wrinkles between the high definition breasts.

      1. Your snippets are the conversations of people living in your head. They are creatures needing your hands and heart to get out. They are all interconnected, if you listen long enough. You have a hundred books Brice, Of that I am sure.

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