are we so quick to forget
what happened yesterday?
we walk
right foot left foot
one behind the other
in swift reverse
after each step we take
the broom and dust pan
and wash away
our footprints from
the dirt

we take bleach
and ammonia
and we wash the blood
from the carpet
we scrub vigorously
at the vivid reminder
of that one time
that we blacked out
and did some shit
we shouldn’t have

we got so drunk

wouldn’t you hate
for us
to get drunk again?

a contraption!
a mirror put behind
our backs
so that when we look
behind us
all we can see
is the future

is the pill
of the future

it’s what
we wash our mouths out

it’s what
lulls us to sleep
beneath the sound

well, you know
you can hear it

if you just know
that you could die
at any minute

so where
are we?

do we now
to be?

can we go
when we live
on the hollow point?

we dip
our calloused feet
an acid bath

we bingewatch
the deathclock ticking

now packaged

priced to sell

i forgot what we were
talking about

must have slipped
my mind


Author: brice maiurro

Denver poet. Author of Stupid Flowers, out now through Punch Drunk Press.

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