it’s not always gonna be
some bullshit disney symphony

most the time it’s not

it’s organ music
glass smashed in yer palm
some hidden maestro
in the depths of yer liver
playing doom and gloom

and honestly
that’s the good stuff
that’s the stuff you want

because here’s the thing
it’s a shame to close your eyes
for the drop

put yer god damn hands
in the air

that feel good old timey music
is a bunch of dead people
they were once oxygen thieves too

once pearly whites
and ivory gloves on the teeth
of the piano

carefully avoiding
the black keys

once all sweet love song
and they probably felt it too
it’s a good one

have you felt it

have you come up on love
hands shaking
eyes all tremors and broken breath

and then bam
yer there
liquid ecstasy

unadulterated honesty

but oh the comedown
the second fall

the rekindling
of time
with structure
sweet distraction

no flowers
at yer doorstep
just eviction notice
last call to make pay
or evacuate the reality
you forget about

welcome back
this is the face of

this is where you build muscle

this is the part
where you turn down the lights
step into the doldrums

and play organ music

and how fucking gorgeous it is
how raw how honest
grain cereal – no prize at the bottom

just echo

those rusty golden pipes
churning scar to scab
churning misery to wisdom
ugly little honesty
churning the fade to black
into this grand giant loud
obnoxious crescendo
that screams
through the illusion
that you exist
and this organ music


Author: brice maiurro

Denver poet. Author of Stupid Flowers, out now through Punch Drunk Press.

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