i’ll drown in 1080 pixels
cell phones that can’t stop staring at their
shopping carts overflowing with
billboards for billboards
nuclear family explosions
profitable hospitals
therapy pills
jesus christ america’s sweetheart
well-documented ego
robots on welfare

your blind parents telling you
not to stare into the sun

lab mice college diplomas
prettier with makeup on
work to pay for the car to get
to work to pay for the food
you eat to work to make money
to hopefully retire

balloon animals
i can make a mule or a pachyderm
do you want it in red or in blue
showed up late to the party
and everyone was already belligerent
everyone was already belligerent
the koolaid was all but drank
the door was left wide open
you’ll let the draft in
what were ya born in a barn

charity starts at home
i have two kids
what do you mean we’re gonna have
to go two days without television

i’m sorry
but you’re gonna be deeply in debt
also you have cancer

also a word from our sponsors
the grass is always greener
the channels keep on changing
i can’t focus for the life of me
i’ve had chronic indigestion
since the reagan administration
since more ovaltine please
built ford tough
doing the most good
877 cash now

like your life
depends on it

live your life
in a way
that the heavens won’t know
which camp to place you in


Author: brice maiurro

Denver poet. Author of Stupid Flowers, out now through Punch Drunk Press.

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