my friend told me that she wears gold bracelets because she believes she was cleopatra in her past life
says she has nightmares where she is weeping for the death of marc antony
or that she is rolled up in a carpet being smuggled into caesar’s palace
she tells me it’s where she gets her fire from

i told her that i suspect in my past life i was steve gordman, an overweight mustachioed used car salesman from duluth, minnesota in the late 1970s
at times, i wake up in the middle of the night, and i swear my clothes smell like exhaust fumes and fried chicken
i believe this is where my mediocre selling abilities come from

i mean
that’s the thing about past lives, guys
if they’re a thing, they’re not always gonna be winners

sometimes you’re cleopatra
and sometimes you’re steven gordman
used car salesman from duluth, minnesota


Author: brice maiurro

Denver poet. Author of Stupid Flowers, out now through Punch Drunk Press.

10 thoughts on “PAST LIVES”

  1. We like the story. Past life’s could have have happened. Who knows for sure. Wed be very thankful for your feedback on Miss Scarlet and Blue Jasmine. Happy Thanksgiving buddy. Keep writing, because your style is original

      1. No, because you have hair… Yeah its because your bald. Check out miss scarlet and blue jasmine buddy, your opinion matters to the Gastradamus community or are you busy cleaning? Just kidding buddy happy Thanksgiving

      2. Thanks buddy, have a great Thanksgiving. Be sure to check out blue jasmine and Miss scarlet when you done with the rogain

  2. Really everyone want to be her. It’s not the first person who think that she was cleopatra before. Very ironic thinking that Marcus Anthonius was a different person than HIM.

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