We Pretend to Be

nearing perfect form
do i pretend to be
something of gentleman

top hat
lovely pocket square
long tailed coat
newly shined shoes
i do look the part so well

and beneath
classic human skeleton
blue veins
red muscle
tendons fibers skin
hair nails eyeballs
i do pretend to be

and watch me walk around
the party

watch me
as i
looking across the ballroom
(wood floors, glass windows
chandeliers, fire, wax, wick, etc.)
spot a female
flowing long dead hair
large breasts
red dress the amalgamation
of ten thousand machine-placed

watch as i approach
muscles pulling leg
tendons working in conjunction
the cardiovascular system
in tandem with the human heart
it all moves footstep by footstep
in newly shined shoes
across the wood floors of the ballroom

and now we
meeting eyeballs
pupils expand
let in chandelier light
a legion of cheek muscles active
and we talk and smile
we pretend to be

and we dance
to mathematical sound
recognized by ears as pleasant
two human beings
in sequence through time and space
until the song
the mathematical gathered sound
and then more

and more and more and more

and we pretend it all

watch us as we pretend

and then no matter the trajectory
of following hours
eye balls rest
beneath eye lids
automatic breathing
automatic bloodwork
and we believe we somehow changed

we believe we somehow not what we were

and maybe we believe wrong
but we believe
what we pretend to believe
and that’s nice


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Author: brice maiurro

Denver poet. Author of Stupid Flowers, out now through Punch Drunk Press.

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