Poem for the wedding of two dancers

and in the shaken night
where stars go missing
and there is only the two of you
and the silence
may you dance

in festival
in harmony
in scattered uncaptured moments
may you dance

in the face of a life so big
on the giant face of this island
hustled and bustled over
by one million citizens
all with their citizen songs in their heads
and yours
two different songs
that parallel
that move together
but rarely step over
that turn in time
with the air that moves between you
may you dance

may you dance through new life
and the death of your old selves
and find yourselves awake
and new and young and in love
so many times over
and in the fragile glimmer
fingers loosely interlaced
the music almost forgotten
as you become it
may you dance

may you dance with a feast of friends
with a big band and timeless in motion
like a music box
like you’ve cheated death
like you’ve created love from nothing
and no one will ever know
but the two of you
the things understood unsaid between lovers
as they dance

in time
and out of time
in waltz
in stress
in meter
in four four
in march
in blues
in common time
towards nothing
towards everything
a song
all consuming
then over
then again
may you dance

as we dance with you
in our own rhythm
and see the way
two people
can move through time
but dedicated
hand in hand
to the music

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Author: brice maiurro

Denver poet. Author of Stupid Flowers, out now through Punch Drunk Press.

3 thoughts on “Poem for the wedding of two dancers”

    1. Aw, thanks. It’s a simple one but my friend who’s a dancer, along with her husband, is getting married and I was asked to write something for their wedding.

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