Hi Everyone:

First off, thank you all so much for your support of 02.2013. In my opinion, it was a great success. It was very interesting forcing myself to write something each day, and doing something I really like to, which is trying to widen the spectrum of my poems as much as possible.

Now, I’m beginning work on a new project, which I’m going to give a working title of ANT Magazine, until I have an official title.

I am looking for motivated to people to work for this blog and I am looking for a wide variety of things.

I have decided to drive this blog/ online magazine from the idea that bloggers can post what they want/ when they want. I want my bloggers to have the freedom to do as they please, because I want them to have fun, and in turn, for the blog to be fun. Thus far, I have a couple poets signed on, photographers, artists, and even a pair of guys who are going to write about bad b-movies. Here’s some ideas of what else I’d be looking for.

  • Reviewers (Music, Movies, Book, Calendars, Gyms, Restaurants, Starbucks locations, I don’t care)
  • Artists (I don’t care if you make GIFs,or intricate water paintings or digital art, I could be looking for what you have. I’d really even like to have a talented doodler.)
  • Alt Lit People (If you don’t know what alt lit is, this one doesn’t apply to you. If you do, I want your poetry, I want your memes, I want your short stories.)
  • Film (I am really looking for good youtubers to post videos to the site. Once again, open-minded to what you got. I would love some funny videos.)
  • Photographers (I would love photographers whose pieces stand alone and I would also love photographers who if I said “take me pictures related to “night” or “fourth of July” could deliver them in about a week. Experience does not matter. Talent and motivation do.
  • I would really like to have someone to write on feminism on the blog, as this is a topic that is very important to me.
  • Anything else. If you hula hoop, and want to post instructional hula hoop videos, I’d like you to apply. If you sing and play guitar, send me your videos. If you are a badass list maker or nutritionist or tech geek, I’d like you to apply.

IMPORTANT NOTE! You do not have to be American. I want this blog to have a global community and other cultures and countries are not only requested to apply, but I insist they do. I do have to ask that you can write English though. I’m sorry.

Most of all, I want people sharing their passions. I’m trying to make a community out of this. I want my bloggers interacting with our readers. I want people to have a reason to come back, and I want this to be a blog about sharing with the world, not making money. (haha… blogs making money.)

If you are interested, please send me something about yourself and an example of what you have to offer to

I hope everyone interested will apply.

Thank you,



I have been very busy lately, to say the least, and haven’t promoted this month’s poetry compettion at all. That being said, I’m extending the competition for entries until October 28th. If you’re interested, please enter. You can follow THIS LINK to find more info.

Love, Brice

Congratulations, Pattie Flint!

You are the second ever winner of the Rant Poetry Competition!

Pattie’s Poem, on the assigned subject of “Exit,”, is incredible. Through her poem, Exit Strategy for a Wednesday Night, Pattie captured something in a very real, yet still whimsical way.

You can view the poem, and comment here.

Thank you to everyone who participated in any way, shape or form in this competition.

Be on the look out for next month’s competition come the end of September.

If you’d like to be informed of Rant Poetry Competitions, please send a blank e-mail with the subject “Monthly Rant” to

Also, check out my most recent poem, NUCLEAR CREATION.




Pattie Flint, Rebecca Kerr and Jenna Tameris!

Out of tons of entries, we all decided that these ladies’ poems were the best we received on the subject of “Exit.”

Below you will find the three poems posted. Voting will be open, based on “likes” tonight and all day tomorrow.

I have to say this month’s submissions blew last month’s out of the water. Judging this was very difficult. I was so inspired by these poems, and though I was hesitant on using the subject “exit”, I am so glad I did. It was amazing how many ways these poets crafted their poems from one word.

I’d like to also announce that if in the future you would like a reminder about this monthly poetry contest, please send a blank e-mail, subject “MONTHLY RANT” to

Thank you all for your time and patience.

Please vote below.



Check out last month’s winner, Shoshana Sarah.

Also, here’s a listing of the blogs that competed in the competition. They were all amazing. Please take a minute and check them out.

SK Poetry Competition

Sakina Katib, a fellow blogger and very talented poet, is hosting a poetry competition on her blog, asking competitors to write a poem using the words “dusk” and “dawn”. The best is if you win, you get a $50 Amazon gift card!


And the winner is…


Out of dozens of entries, Shoshana’s poem, Ants, is the winner of the first ever Rant Poetry Competition!

You can see Shoshana’s poem here:

Thank you to everyone who participated, and be on the lookout for the second Rant Poetry Competition come the end of August.

Special recognition to Jessica Accardi, who was our first runner-up, and D.G. Vachal, our second runner up.