A Call for Support

Hey guys,

I recently put in an application to volunteer time each week to chatting with people on a crisis website i.e. folks contemplating suicide, struggling with depression and other mental health issues, or just looking for someone to talk to. This is me reaching out asking you to help me reach my goal of $250 to help pay for my training. Any donation and any share is more than appreciated. Thank you all for your time and helping me to have this opportunity to give back to those in need.

To donate click HERE.

“IMAlive is the world’s first virtual crisis center. It is the world’s first crisis center where 100% of the volunteers are trained in crisis intervention. In the first year since the launch IMAlive has helped thousands of people in crisis.”

If you yourself are interested in becoming a volunteer, you can find more info here.


i don’t know where to begin
i’ve got this heaving weight on my chest
this endless weight
that just keeps punching at me
spitting in my face while i’m crying
i keep thinking my adrenaline will kick in
and just shove itself off of me
but here i am
la dee fucking da
briefcase in my left hand
right hand shaking suicide’s
i will never do it
i will never gun-to-mouth it
i don’t want my skull broken
i don’t want anything
(that’s kind of true…
…and kind of a big ass lie.)

oh fuck
i’m falling asleep
let it happen
these rocks will roll
good night