i am the shadow of trees on your wall at night
the pain in your gut that doesn’t go away
i am days spent in bed writhing and uncertain
the steely taste of iron in your mouth

it’s you and me forever
it’s you and i til the end of time

i am the thousand black horses stampeding through your skull
i am the sound of your neighbor’s fucking and fighting forever through the wall
i will kiss you with envy, i will drown you in this limbo

there’s no earthly way of knowing
which direction we are going

there’s no sunlight, no trail to walk along
the room you enter is both endless and small
stories of madmen and women burnt at the stake
carved into the walls closing in around you

this is what happens when you know how the wind moves
but could never understand what it’s trying to say to you

these are the days lost to the blue ghost of indecision
haunting you into the next azul morning